fredag 26 augusti 2016


Vitt på vitt. Vitt korsstygnshjärta på vitt linne. Början till ett födelsedagskort.

White on white. White cross stitch heart on white linen. The beginning of a birthday card.

Vitt i trädgården. Hortensian är fin såhär års.

White in the garden. The hydrangea is lovely this time of year.

Tack för besöket!
Thank you for visiting!

3 kommentarer:

  1. How lovely to have you visit my place, Anna. So happy you did because your little visit led me to your lovely blog. Oh my, your blog is filled with gorgeousness. Your pretty heart stitching is a joy and your beautiful Hydrangeas (one of my favourite flowers) is so pretty. I am going to make a cuppa and draw up a sofa chair this weekend and spend a wee bit of time oohing and aahing over your pretty blog.

  2. Three posts that I've caught up on - you have been busy! The white on white cross-stich is very effective - simple and elegant. xx

  3. A really lovely post !
    Have a great week !