onsdag 29 april 2015



One felted, one embroidered, one garden, two of them not known to science. Yet. But who does not love butterflies!

fredag 24 april 2015

Tapestry Crochet



I have had a go at tapestry crochet for the first time. I tried two techniques. The first one was crocheting and turning your work as you would do with normal crochet (white square), I found that it did not give me a define edge of the heart, so I crocheted a chain around the heart just to give it a bit more shape. I do suspect it will look better had I drawn a bigger heart, but as this is me testing small is good! With the other technique I tried you keep the same side of your crochet facing you all the time (green square). This is what you use when crocheting in the round. But I wanted a square so I had to crochet one lap with my right hand and the other with my left hand. That is tricky! And I am lefthanded when it comes to life's essentials - eating and writing. NOT crocheting though.. But this technique made the heart shape more defined. Tricky. But as my daughter keeps pointing out, practice makes perfect. More lefthanded crochet for me...
I find tapestry crochet very addictive! I was inspired by the blog little woollie - here is a lady who really has mastered this kind of crochet. Please visit!
What did I make from the squares? A lavender bag. Lovely with a bit of summer scent in the house!

måndag 20 april 2015

Virkade bältesmuddar

Skydd mot vassa säkerhetsbälten. Perfekt användning av restgarner. Virkade i bomulls- och bamboo-garn så mjukt for små.

Protection against sharp seat belts. Perfect little projects to use up some of the stash. Made out of cotton and bamboo yarn so soft for little ones.

onsdag 15 april 2015

Min syster virkar

Jag måste bara visa något av det min syster har virkat. Hon tog upp virknålen på allvar för lite drygt ett år sedan och sedan dess har hon gjort massor av jättefina och pilliga saker. Hon har allt samlat i ett vitrinskåp - bra ide! Jag plockade ut några av mina favoriter, minismå bebisskor i silver, en hjärtansask och rolig skallra, men där finns massor av mer inspiration att hämta. Tråkigt bara att vi bor så långt ifrån varandra, annars hade det nog blivit massor med systervirkande tillsammans.
I have to show some of what my sister has crocheted. She started crocheting about just over a year ago and she has since then made lots and lots of beautiful and fiddly crochet items. Cleverly she has collected them all in a display cabinet. Definitely an idea to steal!I picked out some of my personal favourites, the teeny tiny little silver baby shoes, the heart box and the baby rattle, but there are tons of more inspiration in her cabinet! Sadly we live so far away from each other or I am sure we would have had lots of sisterly crochet together.
Thank you all so much for the kind comments about my other sister's baby's blanket. About the pattern to the blanket, I have never written a pattern before, and I made the blanket up as I went along, but when the children are back in school I will try to give it a go writing it down. In any case that request really made my day so thank you! 

onsdag 8 april 2015

Till min systers bebis

Min syster fick en liten flicka den första mars. Jag, Albi och Pop åkte över till Sverige och träffade henne förra veckan. Sötaste bebisen sedan mina! Jag hade lätt kunnat ta med henne över, men jag gissar att hennes föräldrar inte blivit så imponerade. Men jag utnyttjade mina mosterliga rättigheter till fullo med en massa bebisgos! Och som moster så virkade jag nästan ihjäl mig till hjärtebarnet. En hjärtansfilt med hjärtanskant, en randig piximössa och en katt med invirkad skallra. Om någon är intresserad så finns kattmönstret här. Piximössan och filten är egna mönster, men liknande piximössor kan man hitta mönster till lite överallt.

My sister got a baby girl 1st March. Albi, Pop and myself went over to Sweden to meet her last week. Cutest baby since mine! I could easily have brought her back with me, although I suspect her parents would not have been too impressed. But I used my auntie rights to the full - lots of baby cuddles. And as an aunt I went in to crochet overdrive. A heartblanket with heart border, a pixihat and a rattling cat. If anyone is interrested the pattern for the cat can be found here. The blanket and the pixihat are my own patterns although you can find patterns for similar hats allover.

Och våren har nått Sverige, sa jag skickar en vårhälsning med blåsippor från sommarstugan.
And spring has come Sweden - so a spring wish to you all, with blue anemonies at the summerhouse