måndag 22 augusti 2016

Broderad kudde

Har provat lite annan typ av broderi, inte bara korsstygn. Ylle på linne. En liten blomma som jag ritade upp och sedan sydde i.

Embroidered cushion

I have tried some other kind of embroidery, not just cross stitch. Wool on linen fabric. I drew a little flower and then filled it in with stitches.

Tack för besöket!
Thank you for visiting!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Delicate ! Beautiful !!!!
    Have a lovely day !

  2. What a delicate little flower on such a lovely linen cushion. It is perfect, Anna!

  3. Gorgeous! It's looks fantastic against that linen fabric! Good work! I bet we'll be seeing a lot more embroidery coming up... ;) xx