fredag 3 oktober 2014

Mer keramik


 Igår fick jag hem två skålar från keramikkursen. Skålen med den röda kanten är mitt första drejningsförsök. Den gula skålen är en pinch bowl där man liksom nyper fram formen i leran. Det är mycket rogivande. Såklart är de fortfarande sneda och vinda, misstänker att det kräver mycket träning. Men det är fantastiskt roligt. Ser fram emot mina två torsdagstimmar i keramikstudion hela veckan.

Yesterday I could take home two little bowls from the pottery class. The bowl with the red edge is my first attempt at throwing. The yellow bowl is what is known as a pinch bowl, where you pinch out the shape in the clay. That is very calming! Of course they are still a bit lopsided, I suspect it takes years of practise. But it is so much fun! I am looking forward to my two Thursday night hours at the pottery studio all week.

4 kommentarer:

  1. They are lovely !!!
    Have a fun weekend !

  2. They are brilliant! I especially love the white with the red edge - it looks perfect! The red is so pretty and dainty on it. Excited to see what else you make!
    Maria xx

  3. Wow, the bowls are soo beautiful! ♥ Great job. I can well believe that it's a lot of fun making your own pottery. I thought of taking such a course already for a long time, too, maybe I'll do it one day :-). Thanks for your sweet comment on my blanket! Good to read that you think the same about this joining method :-). Happy weekend!! Nata xxx