måndag 27 oktober 2014


En virkad gul filt och gula höstlöv i trädgården. Filten har Pop beställt. Hans favoritfärg är gul. Barnen och jag hade en rolig timme när vi samlade gula löv. Vi har en del. Och fler faller ner hela tiden.

A crochet yellow blanket and yellow autumn leaves in the garden. Pop requested the yellow blanket. Yellow is his favourite colour. Me and the children had a fun hour collecting yellow leaves. We have a few... and there are more falling down all the time.

5 kommentarer:

  1. Lucky statue, being wrapped up warm by an Anna creation! I can't believe your skill and speed at making blankets, it never ceases to amaze me.
    I really must get on with my blue stripy one, I've not done anything on it for months. Lee was trying to snuggle under it yesterday and it's a bit small! (At least with stripes it grows as you crochet, so it's usable before you've finished, rather than having to wait till all the squares are sewn together at the end, like my waterlily blanket!)
    I love the big stripy border you've done around the squares.
    Maria xx

  2. A really beautiful blanket to enjoy the cold evening !
    Have a nice week !

  3. Well Pops have to be listened to don't they so if it's yellow pop likes then it should yellow pop gets.

  4. En filt att bli glad av! Fin mix av rutor och ränder. Krrram

  5. Love the colours in this blanket!