torsdag 27 april 2017


- en stickad sjal med tovade pom-pom bollar.

Garn : Prism Sea Breeze från Colinette
Stickor: 6.5mm
Mönster: Min mammas. Lägg upp 4 m, sticka 2 m i samma maska i början på vartannat varv tills tippen på sjalen nått önskad längd, sticka sedan ihop två maskor i början på vartannat varv tills det återstår 4m, maska av.
Pom-pom bollar: i ullgarn (rester som jag inte har något namn på), pom-pom bollen tovade jag sedan över kokande vatten i en sil - lite som att steka köttbullar. (obs doppa INTE pom-pom bollen i vattnet, håll den i ångan.)


- a knitted shawl with felted pom-poms.

Yarn: Prism Sea Breeze from Colinette
Knitting needle: 6.5mm
Pattern: My mum's. Cast on 4st, knit 2st in same st at the beginning of every other lap until the tip of the shawl is as long as you want it, then start k2tog also in the beginning of every other lap until 4st remains, cast off.
Pom-poms: Made from left over wool, the balls were then felted in a colander over boiling water - like frying meatballs. Note - do NOT dip the pom-poms in the water - keep them in the steam!

Tack för besöket!
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  1. Lovely.......
    Have a nice weekend !

  2. I love the shawl and the pom-poms add a wonderful something to it.

  3. Oh, what a beautiful shawl. LOVE those sweet pom poms and the colour of the yarn.....just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! It was yarn love at first sight! It was sold in skeins and looked just like mermaid hair where it was hanging. Beautiful! My only regret - as always - is that I did not get more of it! x

  4. You are becoming quite the knitter! This looks gorgeous - the yarn is lovely and pompoms are always a welcome addition! I've never tried felting pompoms - it sounds fun! xx