fredag 10 mars 2017

She's got the look!

Möt Mama Höna! Äggen kan mycket väl vara hennes. Fast äggen var här först. Å andra sidan så löste ju det den eviga frågan om vilket som kom först... Iallafall i detta fallet!

Jag har faktiskt använt mig av det missförstådda danska tomte-mönstret som bas, och sedan hönat till det lite med kam, näbb och lite blomster.

Meet Mama Chick! The eggs might very well be hers, although the eggs were here first, but on the other hand this solves the eternal question about what came first chicken or egg... at least in this case!

I have actually used the misunderstood Danish gnome pattern, with some added chicken paraphernalia like a beak etc.

Tack för besöket!
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5 kommentarer:

  1. Yes, she has !!!!!!!!!!
    Have a fun weekend !

  2. Oh my god, Anna - that's amazing!!! And very clever to recreate the misunderstood gnome - definitely the perfect shape for this funny mama chick! I love the pink detailing on the grey too, and the pink edging between the pink and grey - it looks so good! But most of all her expression!!!!! Fantastic! That first picture, close-up, just makes me laugh - love it! xx

  3. She certainly does have the look...she is gorgeous. So happy you answered the question, "chicken or the egg first" for me. =)

  4. Aww!!! beautiful chickie...

  5. Mama Chick is pretty in pink. Super sweet, Anna.