tisdag 14 juni 2016

Night Fury


Finaste lilla draken. Vi vill ha en!

Min Night Fury är broderad i korsstygn på svart Aida bakgrund. Jag använde mig av ett mönster till Hama-pärlor, som är helt okej att sy efter.

Loveliest little dragon. We all want one! 

My Night Fury is made with cross stitches on black Aida. I used a pattern for Hama beads, which works well to sew from. 

I trädgården/In the garden

Jag har hittat en ny favorithumla, denna lilla knallgula rackare. Lyckligtvis verkar vi ha ganska många. Här på salvia som jag satte förra sommaren.

I have found a new favourite bumble bee, this very yellow little fellow. Luckily we seem to have quite a few. Here it is found on a Salvia plant, that I planted last summer.

Tack för besöket!
Thank you for visiting!

3 kommentarer:

  1. I know those eyes...terrifying ;) And well done !
    Have a shinny day !

  2. Love the dragon! Who wouldn't want one?

  3. The cross-stitch is great! You're doing very cool ones - it's nice to see such modern designs - not old fashioned and fuddy-duddy. Love it! It's just so effective - and the framing really sets it off. Good work! xx