onsdag 15 april 2015

Min syster virkar

Jag måste bara visa något av det min syster har virkat. Hon tog upp virknålen på allvar för lite drygt ett år sedan och sedan dess har hon gjort massor av jättefina och pilliga saker. Hon har allt samlat i ett vitrinskåp - bra ide! Jag plockade ut några av mina favoriter, minismå bebisskor i silver, en hjärtansask och rolig skallra, men där finns massor av mer inspiration att hämta. Tråkigt bara att vi bor så långt ifrån varandra, annars hade det nog blivit massor med systervirkande tillsammans.
I have to show some of what my sister has crocheted. She started crocheting about just over a year ago and she has since then made lots and lots of beautiful and fiddly crochet items. Cleverly she has collected them all in a display cabinet. Definitely an idea to steal!I picked out some of my personal favourites, the teeny tiny little silver baby shoes, the heart box and the baby rattle, but there are tons of more inspiration in her cabinet! Sadly we live so far away from each other or I am sure we would have had lots of sisterly crochet together.
Thank you all so much for the kind comments about my other sister's baby's blanket. About the pattern to the blanket, I have never written a pattern before, and I made the blanket up as I went along, but when the children are back in school I will try to give it a go writing it down. In any case that request really made my day so thank you! 

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  1. So sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a shinny day !

  2. These are lovely - she's picked up crocheting very quickly! I love that rattle!!