lördag 12 juli 2014

Blog Hop

Today I am partaking in the Blog Hop. Lovely Maria from Dinki Dots asked me if I wanted to join in. Please check out her fun post here. I am lucky to know Maria in real life. She is a true treassure and great friend. And fantastic for a craft chat!

Anyhow without further delays ... over to my Blog Hop answers

 What am I working on?
I am currently working on something stripy. A motto I have - and yes I will embroider it one day - is: It can never get too stripy! I love stripes. My oldest friend is having baby number five in November and that is a perfect reason so get some stripes going. I love the process of seeing row after row of colour just grow. Very soothing and satisfying.

I am really pleased with the colours in this blanket. Very vintage. As we don't know what she is having yet, I went for something that works for both boys and girls. And then I found I had some more of my favourite saffron yellow so I might add a border of some sort. It remains to be seen.


 How does my work differ from others of its genre?
 This is a difficult question as I am not sure it does differ so much. There are lots and lots of talented crafters out there and many with the same ideas as I have. Thinking about it I am not sure it is so important for me to differ but instead enjoy what I make - my own idea or if it is something inspired by someone elses work.

Like many of us crocheter I have a soft spot for the granny square... I think I am easily in the thousand when it comes to how many I have made. So nothing that differs but gives great pleassure!

 Why do I create what I do?
 Because I cannot stop, too many ideas in my head - sometimes overwhelming! I started crocheting about 8 years ago. I wanted a crocheted flower brooch and I could not find one anywhere so I asked my mum to show me some crochet basic and I have not been able to stop since. Not that I have been trying to stop... I enjoy crafting and particularly crochet too much and I also find it a great way to relax.

Over the years there have been a few brooches. Sometimes a small quick project is what is needed and brooches fits that description perfectly. But mostly I see myself as a blanket maker. Nothing like a cozy blanket and knowing you have made it and then seeing it in use. Specially when your children sleeps tucked in under it.

 How does my creating process work?
For me it generally starts with a vague idea and then it grows as I work on it. I would think this is also probably the reason why I change things in patterns all the time - new ideas pop up and I just want to try them out there and then. Cannot help myself!

Now over to my Blog Hop nominees. Unfortunately I have not been able to reach these ladies in person, but they both have beautiful blogs so I wanted to nominate them as my next blogs to hop on to:

http://zanashomemade.blogspot.co.uk/ - this is a lady after my own heart. Crocheting gardenlover with cats!

http://joannacreation.blogspot.co.uk/ - absolutely beautiful pictures and great crafting. Please take an extra look at her lovely grey crocheted rug! I want one!

Happy Blog Hop-ing!

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  1. Nice answers.... Your creations are really lovely !
    Have a fun Sunday !

  2. It was great to read more about you and how you work, and to see more of your beautiful crochet too!! xx

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! Love the baby blanket you're working on - the holey detail is really nice! The colours in the last two photos are just amazing!
    Oh... and I think I can guess what that square under your white and grey crocheted brooch is!!! Lovely!!
    Great post, really good to read.
    Maria xx