fredag 14 mars 2014


Påskliljorna blommar i rekordmängder detta året. Olika sorter på de mest oväntade ställen. Jag vet att jag inte har satt dem så jag undrar om någon har varit här och busplanterat...

We have never had so many daffodils as we have this year. Different sorts on the most unexpected of places. I know I have not done any planting so I suspect we might have a bulb planting intruder...

3 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely daffodils and crochet flowers ! I have white daffodils......
    Have a nice and shinny weekend !

  2. If self appearing daffodils were only the least of life's mysteries!! At least they are so very pretty hey!! xx

  3. Loving the pretty colours of the crochet - gorgeous!
    Maria xx